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Hello! and Welcome! Mandy's Creative Touch

  I am Mandy Lee Schison, Founder of Mandy's Creative Touch.  

  I love to create with Multimedia elements, multi-loading my brush to push the boundaries, creating 3D effects. My most rewarding passion is helping emerging artists create stunning paintings using the deceptively simple "One Stroke" technique. ​I Paint on Anything! Glass or ceramic flower pots, glass vases, wine bottles, wooded jewelry boxes, furniture, your walls or cabinet doors and even any Fabric will make a great canvas too! You name it.. nothing is safe around me.


I'm so excited to announce we set up a new location in Goderich Ontario!

199 Anglesea St. Unit #6

(in Main Building)

Call (519) 599 - 3493 for more info

or Private viewing

New classes now available!

Gallery of unique Gifts!

Scroll down for more info!

or contact me for any questions!

Are you an Art Lover?
You can see all of my creations I have put my touch on...some on sale and some are custom work I have created for customers.

Join us for a LIVE Paint Party 
every Thursday 6-8pm
at the Studio!

See more info here!

What's One Stroke?
I'd be Happy to tell you all about it!

How do I order and then find My Site Member Access Courses? 
Click on any course to prompt you to the Plans Page,
After you have ordered any Practice Courses or Paint Party...
they will be located in Libraries of this main menu,
Click on it, to open the contents!!
Also, see
 your Log-in area, you will find "My Courses" to see your list.
There are also Free Classes on YouTube
& more Videos for Site Members
in these Libraries! Plus Free Painting Hacks too!

Join us on Zoom for a LIVE Paint Party!

But I need Paint and Brushes!
Check these out!

What if I need more Help?
Book some Zoom time with me
to cover any One Stroke Practice
or Project course on my easy calendar system!



Dorothy A

What a great course this has been. I'm ready for the next step....when I go back a look at an old video I can see how Mandy shows the strokes ever so slowly. If I didn't know how to do any of this , her way would definitely be the easiest way to learn. Up really close and nice and slow !! Best teacher ever !!


Marie P

She is very skilled and knows how to take someone from the beginning to advanced easily. Great Teacher!!


Susie S

You want a tutorial that not only shows you colors and what brushes to use but teaches different techniques? This is the gal.

I've been painting for 2 months and Mandy shared more great ideas in just a few hours than I learned in the whole two months.

  Send me any questions? Contact me any time
Happy to help!

  Email Me:

Local Artist, Goderich Ontario Canada, Kids activities, Seniors activities, Girl's night out, birthday parties, unique gifts, art supplies, zoom art classes, paint party, one stroke, art teacher, 

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