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  I am Mandy Lee Schison, Founder of Mandy's Creative Touch.  

  I love to create with Multimedia elements, multi-loading my brush to push the boundaries, creating 3D effects. Lately, I have traveled for craft shows, collaboration murals, Art Battles and Paint Parties. 

  My most rewarding passion is helping emerging artists create stunning paintings using the deceptively simple "One Stroke" technique. ​I Paint on Anything! Glass or ceramic Flower Pots, Glass Vases, Wine Bottles or any Glass, wooded jewelry boxes, furniture, your walls or cabinet doors and even any Fabric will make a great canvas too!

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NEW VIP On-Going Support Group! 

  Just for our Very Important Painters! Have you taken any of my Courses yet? Make Sure to Join, so you will be able to share your work and ask questions! 


New Free Videos for Site Members!

  New Spot to check out all of my Free YouTube Painting Hacks right here for Members


What's Moved?

  I now condensed the Art Supplies Page and Tucked it under Paint with Me to give this News page it's own Title Spot at the top!,,, Easy and quick access to the News of the Month! I will update this area as needed, for FAQ's. 

What's my Next Plan!?
  All of my One Stroke Project Course Videos and Practice Sheets will be coming soon too!

To easily watch and download the practice sheets!
  I can't wait to share them with you!

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  Email Me: info@mandyscreativetouch.com


Happy Painting!

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Innisfil Ontario Canada

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