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5 Flowers
Series #1
Full Program

flower series 2nd versions.jpg

8 Fruit Series

Full Program

fruit (2).jpg

Love Bird Topiary
2 Day Course

lb program thumbs.jpg

Peony & Mum
Inspired by a Couch
3 Day Course


Pansy Passion
Practice & Paint

pansy thumbs.jpg

Oversized Florals
2 Day Course

osfwc thumbs2 (2).jpg

Scroll Designs
Practice & Paint

program thumbs.jpg

& All About Crackle
2 in 1 Course


Friendship Wreath
2 Day Course

friendship th.jpg

Flower Shop
Tiny Painting Practice
2 Day Course

fl shop th.jpg

Live Love Laugh
& Hydrangeas
Practice & Paint

lll program thumbs.jpg

Calla Lilies


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