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Course #5 Shell Strokes

Course #5 Shell Strokes


This #5 Shell Course is where you will learn how to create double teired flowers and Flipped Petals. Design open and closed Flowers as well a Shell Stroke Leaves


The PDF will be in your confirmation email. A Link inside, will take you to the video to download.

- A variety of assignments to practice Shell Strokes in this Course!

- 16 pages Instruction and Practice Sheets PDF

- Download over 3 1/2 hours of videos class instruction

- Extra FB LIVE Q&A's with common Questions and more Demo Footage!

- Demos on over 15 Flower Center options for a variety of flowers types

- Critiques and guidance with Trouble shooting available 1-on-1 on Zoom,

- A Fun and interactive VIP Group to share your practice with others

- And a Certifiing Elite OSCI Mentor here every step of the way to help Master and Perfect your One Stroke!


Each Course is designed to build your confidence, step by step to create a variety of Flowers, Leaves and Stems as well as adding extra dimension to any characters, landscapes or any painting style or any size!

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