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   Hello! and Welcome! 

    I am Mandy Lee Schison, of Mandy's Creative Touch.

  I love to create with Multimedia elements, multi-loading my brush to push the boundaries, creating 3D effects. Lately, I have traveled all over Ontario for craft shows, collaboration murals, Art Battles and Paint Parties.


  My passion for colour started from painting each of my fingernails a different colours as a little girl. (back then it was unheard of). Although I started experimented on tiny canvases (Nail Art), it eventually expanded to a variety of sizes, surfaces and textures. This really allowed me to express my creativity, and do what I love most; ART!​! Check out my Art Studio!

  Residing now in Goderich Ontario, Canada, I often spend a lot of time by the beach and walking in nature for inspiration... for my next project to put my Creative Touch on. My most rewarding passion is helping emerging artists create stunning paintings using the deceptively simple "One Stroke" technique through my Online Paint Projects and One Stroke classes!


  How did I start out? ...  In 1988, and started my career as a Hair Stylist. Determined to further my career throughout the years, I attended Professional Nail Care Specialist programs, as well as Special effects Make-up courses and added full aesthetic services. I eventually continued on to being a certified Educator in Nail Artistry and recognized in Trade Magazines over the 30 years in the beauty industry. These were rewarding achievements and as well as wonderful memories that were my stepping stones to the path, where I am today.


 Not only can I paint on a variety of surfaces, I can implement this into my own style. With a large range of paint products that can be used on almost any surface! I have a hard time making the same items over and over...there are too many ideas to create.

  With my past experience as an educator, I found an amazing opportunity to be certified by the original creator of One Stroke, in 2016, Donna Dewberry, with a Level 1 and 2 OSCI (One Stroke Certified Instructor).  I have so much fun hosting all ages Paint Parties at my new Studio and with the amazing Zoom technology today, I can now offer them Online too! Through the last couple years I have completed a variety of Certification Courses with the Dewberry's, w/oil (water based oils), Oversized, Drawing & Design, Skill Builders, Pure Artist Pigments and now proud to announce, in 2021, I received my Certifying Elite OS Instructor Certification.

  I have been having so much fun, I have attended many art events where I participated with the Silver Elvis Mural team. It was a thrill to collaborate with many artists painting on huge 8x8 foot canvases! Locations I have visited.... The Brampton Flower Festival, Buskerfest Toronto, Markham Rib fest, Toronto's Zoomer's Show and Markham Fall Fair. 

  My best accomplishment has to be winning 2nd Place prize in Alliston, Ontario at The Battle of the Brushes competition in 2017! We had to complete a 16x20 canvas in 30 minutes!

  I can go on and on,,, about how much fun my amazing journey has been. But I hope you will enjoy exploring the rest of the site and the many options I have available for the Art Lover and the Creator.


  Have questions? I'm happy to help!

Click here to Contact me!

Every month has different events and holidays that are wonderful opportunities for creation. I would love to share some Mandy's Creative Touch News of upcoming specials on Featured Art 4 Sale, supplies and new Paint Projects. 


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