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Paint Project Library

Please enjoy below are a variety of Projects!

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Safe Water for Travelers
$125 3 Day Master Oversized Workshop


Intro to Gallery Glass
$35 3 Day Event Projects


Painted Lady on Denim
$35 2 Day Intermediate Project


Multimedia Floral
$35 2 Day Intermediate Project


Oversized Hibiscus
$45 2 Day Intermediate Project


Metallic Hydrangeas Fabric
$35 Intermediate Project


Fancy Orchids & Hummingbird
$35 Intermediate Project


Wagon Wheel Garden
$45 2 Day Master Workshop


Floral Bottle Vases
$35 Intermediate Project


Harvest Fruit Basket
$25 Beginner Project

hb th (2).jpg

1st Sign of Spring - Pussy Willow
$35 Intermediate Project

thumhgh (8).png

Oversized Roses
$35 Intermediate Project


A Variety of Roses
$35 Intermediate Project


Palette Knife Flowers
$25 Multimedia Project


Holiday Chickadee
$25 Beginner OS Project

chickadee th.jpg

Oversized Sunflowers
$35 Intermediate Project


Rose Vase
$35 Intermediate Project

rv program thumbs (2).jpg

Pomegranate Paisley
$35 Intermediate Project


Morning Glory
$35 Intermediate Project

morning glory thumbs (2).jpg

Rustic Watering Can
$25 Intermediate Project

rwc thumbs.jpg

Flower Pots
$25 Beginner Project

fl pots thumbs (2).jpg

Ole Sant Nick
$35 Intermediate

Ole Saint Nick th.jpg

Teddy Bear Collection
$35 Intermediate

t col.jpg

Friendship Wreath
5 Intermediate Project

friendship th.jpg

Flower Bouquet
$35 Intermediate Project

flower bouprogram thumbs.jpg

Love Bird Topiary
$35 Intermediate Project

lb program thumbs.jpg

Peony & Mum
$35 Intermediate
Practice & Paint Project


Pansy Passion
$35 Intermediate Project

pansy thumbs.jpg

Flower Shop
$35 Tiny Painting Practice & Paint
2 Day Course

fl shop th.jpg

Live Love Laugh
With Hydrangeas
$35 Practice & Paint Project

lll program thumbs.jpg

Calla Lilies
$35 Intermediate Project


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