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Course #1 - One StrokeLeaf Practice

Course #1 - One StrokeLeaf Practice


Course #1 -  One Stroke Leaf

 Added Vine and Sunflowers Assignments !


Here we are starting with simple Tear drop and One Stroke Leaves and advancing them to make a simple garden design to Lilacs and Hydrangeas!


The PDF will be in your confirmation email. A Link inside, will take you to the video to download.

- 9 page PDF to download and print of instruction and Practice Sheets
- Downloadable video class instruction

- Extra FB LIVE Q&A's with common Questions and more Demo Footage!

- Critiques and guidance with Trouble shooting available 1-on-1 on Zoom,
- A Fun and interactive VIP Group to share your practice with others
- And a Certified Elite OSCI Mentor here every step of the way to help Master One Stroke!


Each Course is designed to build your confidence, step by step to create a variety of Flowers, Leaves and Stems as well as adding extra dimension to any characters, landscapes or any painting style or any size!


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